Mother’s Choice G11 Service Project

Mother’s Choice G11 Service Project (2018–2019)

 DBS G11 students Cyrus Wong and Lucas Cannon acted as the voice for vulnerable babies and pregnant teenagers at a Government workshop investigating the status of children’s rights in Hong Kong at the weekend.
Hong Kong’s Committee on Children’s Rights is preparing to submit its latest report to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Cyrus and Lucas were asked by Hong Kong charity Mother’s Choice to present the challenges faced by children and young people to key policy makers at the special workshop.
Cyrus and Lucas are members of the charity’s Hong Kong-wide Youth Leadership Council and along with a team of other students at DBS in G10 and G11, they work together to raise awareness and funds for the vital work of Mother’s Choice.



Mother’s Choice G11 Service Project (2017–2018)

The Youth Leadership Council of Mother’s Choice is a youth-centered, student-led group that aims to convey the message of Mother’s Choice ‘to see every child in a loving family’. The YLC unit currently consists of members from five local secondary schools, namely Canadian International School, Island School, Hong Kong International School, Kellet School and Diocesan Boys’ School. For the years ahead, we endeavour to get the public engaged in conversations, enhance awareness of student, schools and the government on these topics, and ultimately to promote the message of hope and choices to those forgotten, afflicted and abandoned. In the past year, we’ve been working on a short film production to enhance enhance public awareness of issues at hand, such as child adoption and teenage pregnancy.