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Mr. David Leach
B.A. (Hons.); MLitt,
English Literature (HL/SL)

Ms. Rebecca Jessup
M.A. (Appl. Lang.); B.A.
English A Literature (Examiner) HL, English A Language and Literature (Examiner) HL

Ms. Lesley Croft
BA(Hons.) Social Science.
Dip in Eng. Lang. Studies.
Postgraduate Cert. Ed
English B (examiner)
English – Language, and Literature (examiner) HL/SL
Extended Essay Coordinator


Ms. Sandra Hon
Chinese A Language and Literature (Examiner) HL/SL
Senior Examiner of Chinese Language A (Language & Literature)

Ms. Celia Chan
M.A.; M.Ed.; B.A. (Hon.)
Chinese A Literature (Examiner) HL/SL, Chinese B (HL/SL), Extended Essay – Chinese (Examiner)


Mr. Suen Lun Ng
M.A. (Chinese Lang.); B.A. (Hons.)
Chinese A Language and Literature SL (Examiner)

Ms. Sharon Chan
Chinese (HL/SL)

Mr. Jean-Michel Sourd
M.A., B.A. (Art History & Archaeology) , Master 2 in History & Civilization; B.A., M.A. in French as a Foreign Language, Master 2 in Sciences of Language ; Ph.D. candidate (7th year) in Comparative Literature
French ab initio, French B (SL & HL)