Mother’s Choice G10 Service Project


The Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is one of the various CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) on-going Grade 10 students to engage in social issues and challenges that affect the society. Mother’s Choice is a charity founded in 1987 that serves children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong.

This year, we participated in various volunteer activities and projects to raise awareness for the growing problem of teenage pregnancy and children without families and to raise money for Mother’s Choice. The money will be spent on supporting Mother’s Choice sexuality education and child protection programmes, providing temporary residential family care and caring for babies awaiting a permanent home. We participated in flag selling and movie-making with the guidance of the Grade 11 students who are also participating in the YLC programme by acting as leaders.

As Diocesans, we have an obligation to care for those vulnerable groups in our society, to serve and to lead. On the 19th of February, we started the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council In-Kind Donation Drive, which is a 5-days donation campaign aiming to gather resources such as batteries and diapers for child care homes. We and other student helpers have truly enjoyed this process of spreading love and care to every member of the community. We would also like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude towards each donor. Thank you so much for your generous donation! We look forward to organizing our next campaign to further extend our love and compassion to those vulnerable groups in our society.


Being a part of the YLC programme has helped me improve society by raising awareness for social problems. This was made possible by projects and activities that were challenging to make but ultimately rewarding. I worked with my teammates to plan how to make the movie and cooperated together when selling flags, meaning that skills related to teamwork were obtained. While teenage pregnancies and children without families are a huge problem in Hong Kong, they are a larger problem in other parts of the world, especially the Middle East. I hope that raising awareness to this global issue in Hong Kong will allow the members of society to not only pay attention to Hong Kong but rather the entire world and slowly solve this issue.

Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council In-Kind Donation Drive