2016 CAS Trip Creativity Component Reflection

The CAS Trip the Chiang Mai, Thailand was a superb opportunity for us to enrich our experiences in CAS. Activities for all 3 aspects of CAS were organized in order for us to fulfill some of the learning outcomes for CAS, for example strength and growth, and these activities also enhanced our creativity.

In the creativity aspect, activities such as Thai cooking and teaching English to the local children. In the Thai cooking class, we were taught how to cook green curry and a Thai-styled fried rice. After the instructor taught us a few simple phrases in Thai, we were sent to a local market to buy the ingredients needed for the curry and rice. Then, we cooked the green curry by ourselves after the instructor taught us the recipe. In this activity, we used our creativity to cook our own green curry and also the fried rice. Although the result wasn’t really good, I was very pleased to eat what I cooked myself, and this activity showed me how can creativity be used to make people become happy.

We also went to a local school for ethnic minorities to teach them English: English is an official language in Thailand, and by teaching the ethnic minorities English we can help them fit into the Thai society easier. Firstly, we needed to prepare the teaching materials for a 20-minute session ourselves. We were encouraged to use interactive methods such as games and pictures to conduct the session. The teaching sessions were a success, and we had much fun with the schoolchildren there. We even played football with the students there, who turned out to be quite skilled. Through this activity I learnt that creativity can also be used to help other people.

Overall, the CAS Trip was a fruitful experience. Through the activities organized I learnt that many things could be achieved with creativity, and also many more people can benefit from one’s creativity.