2016 CAS Trip Activity Component Reflection

As a student studying in the IB diploma programme, it’s quite safe to say that time management is crucial. We use most of our time either revising or preparing for presentations and often dismiss the idea of taking a break or resting. Before going on the CAS trip, I expected it to be another of those mandatory “fun experiences” which we must go through in order to get our diploma, so it was somewhat to me just another assignment on the to do list. On the first day, looking through the itinerary with days stuffed full of activities and experiences, I seriously thought that I couldn’t have coped mentally with 7 full days of torture. But the trip turned out to be very delightful, I personally believe that I took away some great new skills and experiences such as cooking and kayaking, and had created some great memories with both fellow classmates and teachers.

Initially there were some activities that I had actually looked forward to participating in, which includes kayaking and rock climbing, but the boring sounding ones such as “Fang hike”, archery and the obstacle course not so much.

 So I begin by talking about the fang hike, the boring sounding expedition turned out to be one of I believe the most enjoyable activities of the trip. There were a total of 11 segments in the trail, and during the hike we went through a cave and pass treacherous cliffs. I have to say though, that the highlight of the hiking trail had to be when we trekked up to the top of the waterfall for lunch, as the view was spectacular. Not only was the hiking trip relaxing for the mind, but it also show me my own limits. We all require a helping hand once in a while to get through the difficult parts. Although our group was divided due uneven hiking abilities, we always managed to regroup and walk out of the national park together which comes to show our teamwork.

Another activity that is worth mentioning is the kayaking on the second last day of the trip. I could say that the activity certainly wasn’t disappointing, everything from teaching us how to kayak to taking it on to the river was exciting and fast-paced. Me and my partner were very determined in finishing the tasks such as standing upright on the kayak, and it was loads of fun getting to kayak with friends when we don’t do these kinds of activities everyday. Halfway through the course, the instructor told us to form a platform by interlocking the kayaks, and we had to switch partners in the middle of the river! But everybody succeeded in doing so, and the sense of achievement when we finished a certain task was overwhelmingly good.

While the trip was only 7 days long, I realised that by the end of it I had changed. I had gotten to know my own strengths and weakness better, such that I saw myself improve at aspects that I was weak at like teamwork and collaboration. Also I’m glad that we did a lot of activities had a lot of action and physical involvement, which really helped improve our physical capabilites. In this short reflection, I only managed to mention two of the activities out to loads of others such as rock climbing and confidence course, but each and every one of the activities was unique and enjoyable, and though the trip was very tiring I believe that we all had great fun participating in the CAS trip.