The Role of Parents

The Role of Parents

We ask that Parents offer support, encouraging Students to undertake interesting and challenging CAS Experiences that give opportunities for personal growth and self-improvement. You know your son best and may wish to discuss ideas with them to effectively develop life skills, whilst fitting these experiences effectively within your son’s schedule.

CAS is one of the ways that the IB tries to help Students develop life skills that will be important at university and in their later working lives. It is not about “success”, but a chance to learn from your mistakes and when things don’t go to plan. This can lead to meaningful personal stories that Students can find help them really stand out from the crowd in university applications and interviews.

We ask that one or both Parents discuss your son’s Risk Assessment for each new CAS Experience. A CAS Experience should only go ahead if you are happy with the risks entailed, and if your son has planned to mitigate them sufficiently. Once you give your consent for the CAS Experience/CAS Project to go ahead, please sign the Risk Assessment form.

Your Son will upload the completed Risk Assessment form to Managebac as Evidence of his planning. It is important that the CAS Advisor knows that you have given your consent for the CAS Experience to go ahead.

Reflection is often the part of CAS that Students find most challenging. You may be able to help by discussing times when you have used reflection in your working lives or hobbies, for example work appraisals, professional training or team talks. Please encourage your Son to be honest and speak personally about what he thinks went well, what could have gone better and how he might approach the challenge differently next time.