The Role of CAS Advisors

The Role of CAS Advisors

Not the role of CAS Advisors:

  • CAS Advisors should not plan or organise student Experiences. All CAS Experiences and the CAS Project need to be self-initiated.
  • Your CAS Advisor will not tell you when to upload Evidence or Reflections to Managebac. You are expected to manage your own time and organise yourself.
  • It is up to you to arrange a time to speak to your CAS Advisor to discuss your plans for CAS Experiences and your CAS Project. You can contact them via email/Managebac, before/after classes or at the Staff Room.

What your CAS Advisor will do:

  • Discuss your interests, passions and the things you find more challenging in Advisee Meetings to help you think of ideas for meaningful CAS Experiences that can lead to genuine personal growth.
  • Discuss your plans for CAS Experiences and your CAS Project to be sure that they are appropriate and challenging. 
  • Discuss your Risk Assessments of CAS Experiences where you perceive the LIKELIHOOD + OUTCOME of risks (on the Risk Assessment form signed by one of your Parents) to be 5 or 6.
  • Review your CAS Portfolio on Managebac before Advisee Meetings and more often if they think it is necessary.
  • Discuss ideas of possible CAS Experiences that address Learning Outcomes that you are struggling to target in your planning (most often the case with LO6: Global Engagement/LO7: Ethics of Choices & Actions)

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