CAS: Student Responsibilities

CAS: Student Responsibilities

CAS should be fun! It is your chance to choose experiences that you are interested in and passionate about. 

The key to a student’s CAS programme is personal engagement, choice and enjoyment of CAS experiences.

Through the Diploma Programme students undertake a variety of CAS experiences, ideally on a weekly basis, for a minimum of 18 months. You must also undertake one CAS Project of at least one month. Students collect evidence and reflect at significant moments throughout their CAS experiences, so assemble a CAS portfolio. 

By the end of the 18 months, students will be able to demonstrate achievement of the seven CAS learning outcomes using their CAS Portfolio to the CAS Coordinator’s satisfaction.


CAS students are expected to:

  • approach CAS with a positive and proactive attitude
  • develop a clear understanding of CAS expectations and how CAS can be valuable to them
  • explore personal values, attitudes and attributes with reference to the IB learner profile and the IB mission statement
  • determine personal goals
  • discuss plans for CAS experiences with your CAS Adviser
  • understand and apply the CAS stages where appropriate
  • take part in a variety of experiences, some of which are self-initiated
  • undertake a CAS project
  • become more aware of personal interests, skills and talents and observe how these evolve throughout the CAS programme
  • maintain a CAS Portfolio by regularly uploading Evidence and Reflections to Managebac 
  • understand the reflection process and identify suitable opportunities to reflect on CAS experiences
  • ensure a suitable balance between creativity, activity and service in their CAS programme
  • behave appropriately and ethically in their choices and behaviours.