CAS Project

CAS Project

The primary purpose of the CAS project is to ensure participation in sustained collaboration. Through this level of engagement students may discover the benefits of teamwork and of achievements realized through an exchange of ideas and abilities. A CAS project challenges students to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance, and develop skills such as those of cooperation, problem-solving and decision-making.


Basic Requirements: 

Every CAS student must be involved in at least one CAS Project. An acceptable project satisfies the following basic requirements:

  1. Evidence of significant planning by the Student, uploaded to Managebac. Can use CAS Project Proposal Template to do so.
  2.  Involves teamwork and collaboration
  3. Address one or more of Creativity, Activity and Service. Recommended to integrate two of them
  4. Commitment: at least one month duration and longer recommended


Type and scope of CAS Project:

Your CAS Project can be an original idea or it can build upon a CAS Project carried out by a previous student. The main difference from your other CAS Experiences is that it will involve more in-depth planning, you are taking clear personal responsibilities and that the goals of the CAS Project are more substantial.

All CAS projects are designed with a defined purpose and goals. Individual students identify one or more learning outcomes to further guide their role and responsibilities in the CAS project. Students will likely identify more outcomes, or modify expected outcomes during the CAS project and/or at its completion. 


CAS Advisor approval required before you start:

Before starting the project it must be approved by your CAS Advisor (and the beneficiary of the project, if relevant). We do not want to waste time planning a project that is not appropriate. A detailed plan of who will benefit from the project, how they will benefit and details of planning involved must be submitted to your CAS Advisor so that they can give you helpful feedback.


CAS Project Proposal Template:

Students may use this CAS Project Proposal Template to plan their CAS projects for easier discussion with CAS advisors and organizations that they collaborate with (if any). The CAS Project Proposal Template can also be uploaded to Managebac as CAS project evidence. 


Carrying out the Project:

Evidence of plans and progress must be regularly uploaded to Managebac so that your CAS Advisor can monitor your progress. Students should communicate with participants, supervisors and CAS Advisors to make sure actions are having intended consequences. There may be unexpected developments and you will need to stay flexible and adjust your plans as needed.


Upon Completion:

The CAS Project completion must be approved by your CAS Advisor. This would be done after reviewing the Evidence and Reflections that you have uploaded to Managebac. Be sure to reflect on what you found challenging as well as what went well, and how you adapted your plans over time.


Examples of CAS Projects:

  • Creativity: A student group plans, designs and creates a mural. 
  • Activity: Students organize and participate in a sports team including training sessions and matches against other teams. 
  • Service: Students set up and conduct tutoring for people in need. 
  • Creativity and activity: Students choreograph a dance routine in a theatrical production. 
  • Service and activity: Students plan and participate in the planting and maintenance of a garden with members of the local community. 
  • Creativity and service: Students rehearse and perform a choir show for a community retirement home. 


Approaches to Learning (ATL) Links:

At DBS, the CAS programme encourages students to develop their social skills: The ability to participate and collaborate with others whilst showing awareness and respect for other cultures, varying points of view, and individual differences. The CAS Project is an opportunity to do so.