CAS Flags

CAS Flags


            ✓: Required for green flag and trophy 

            ★: Required for trophy only 

Pre-IB CAS Flag requirements:


Achievements G10 Term 1 (December)  G10 Term 2 (July)
Long-term CAS Service Programs: Description in Managebac addresses 2-3 Learning Outcomes  ✓  ✓
Long-term CAS Service Programs: No unexcused absences  ✓  ✓
CAS Risk Assessments completed for each CAS Experience (uploaded to Managebac by Students as Evidence)  ✓  ✓
CAS Weeks: Experience created in Managebac, with a short description. Maximum 3 Learning Outcomes selected per CAS Experience.  ✓
CAS Weeks: Daily Evidence in Managebac (e.g. photos, videos, documents)  ✓
CAS Weeks: Daily Reflections in Managebac for the CAS Weeks Experiences  ✓
CAS Weeks: a diverse and interesting schedule attempted, demonstrating the student’s engagement
Managebac Descriptions detail personal goals (e.g. SMART goals) related to the 2-3 CAS Learning Outcomes selected
Managebac Reflections are personal and address the CAS Learning Outcomes
CAS Weeks: CAS Weeks Plan submitted on time.  
CAS Weeks: Must address 5 of the 7 CAS Learning Outcomes.  
CAS Weeks: Mini-CAS Service Project attempts to address a societal need. Must take up at least 5 days.  
CAS Weeks: Interesting and challenging Mini-CAS Service Project undertaken, including evidence of initiation, planning, action and reflection.  
Varied evidence that clearly shows your achievements, not just your presence.  

IBDP (G11-12) CAS Flag Requirements:

Achievement G11 Term 1 (December) G11 Term 2 / Predicted Grade (July) G12 Term 1 (December) G12 Term 2 (February)
At least one CAS experience from each of the C, A, S strands.    
On-going CAS experiences (uploads evidence and/or reflection to Managebac each week).
18 months ongoing CAS experiences (uploads meaningful evidence and/or reflection to Managebac each week from the beginning of September in G11 to the end of February in G12).
Minimum two CAS experiences have relevant evidence and reflections in Managebac.      
CAS Plan submitted, including an viable idea for the CAS Project and 6 long-term experiences (minimum 2 for each of C, A and S). A long-term experience lasts for at least one month.      
1-3 learning outcomes selected for each experience. Clear reference to how they are being/were addressed in the Description and Reflections
Minimum 4 learning outcomes addressed.      
All 7 CAS Learning Outcomes have been addressed at least once.   ★    
Personal reflections clearly address all 7 learning outcomes (in a range of experiences)
  ★  ★   ★
CAS experiences in terms of the C, A, S strands are well balanced. (C : A : S hours ratio in MB). ★  ★  ★  ★ 
Diversified CAS experiences from each of the C, A, S strands      
There are multiple reflections that have well targeted CAS experiences’ learning outcomes. ★   ★ ★  ★ 
Evidence that planning the CAS project has begun (more than just a vague idea).  ★      
CAS Project underway (at least the planning and initiation)
CAS Project “action” phase underway with at least one evidence and reflection recorded
CAS Project “Action” phase completed, including evidence and reflections    
Interesting and challenging CAS Project completed, including evidence of initiation, planning, action, reflection and demonstration      ★
High quality CAS Project completed, including evidence of initiating, planning, reflection and demonstration       ★ 
Where there have been earlier problems (e.g. gaps in Managebac time stamps for evidence/reflections), the student has taken steps to address their mistakes (e.g. evidence/reflections dated in the file name) and improve their approach over time (showing personal improvement)