The Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program at DBS challenges students to fulfill the CAS component of the IB Diploma Program using a structured approach that allows students to take on a variety of activities with increasing ownership and responsibility. The features of our program include:


  • encouraged participation in activities in school (i.e. team sports, choir groups, orchestra groups, student societies, etc)
  • reflective writing unit in IB Skills
  • DBS Primary Division “Inquiry Based Learning Week” volunteering (June/July)
  • Introduction to CAS documentation on Managebac software
  • CAS Intro Week – students work in groups to plan and carry out activities of their choice for their peers


  • structured CAS Plan brainstorming
  • school-planning activities (i.e. Leadership Training Camp, team/individual sports, performing arts, CAS Trip)
  • CAS Trip (G11)- service and outdoor education trip (December)
  • student-planned activities (i.e. volunteer tutorials, hiking trips, filming projects, website design, charity runs, charity football tournament)
  • CAS Project – long-term project involving planning and evaluation, integrating at least two CAS categories resulting in a significant outcome
  • CAS Term Awards – given for creative, meaningful activities, exceptional CAS portfolios, and genuine, regular reflections
  • CAS Advisors – each student assigned IB teacher; one-on-one meetings held three times per year to assess progress
  • CAS Period – one period per week devoted to discussing CAS activities, guest speakers, and catching up on reflections