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Admission to the DBS Grade 10 Bridging Program 2022-23

Grade 9 students and parents are welcomed to click here to learn more about the admission policy, admission tests and subject choices.


IB Exam Results 2021

19 of our students have achieved the full mark of 45 in the May 2021 IB exam. For more details of our results, please click here. Congratulation to the Class of 2021! 


DBS Becomes World’s No.1 IB School

In the May 2020 IB Exam, our students achieved an average mark of 42, which is the highest in the world. Congratulations again to the Class of 2020! For more details, please click here.



We Are An AFEC-Accredited Athlete-Friendly School

See how we support our student athletes: https://www.worldacademysport.com/afec/