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Extended Essay Exhibition 2020

On July 16th, 2020, we will be holding our inaugural DBS IB Extended Essay Exhibition 2020.  This exhibition is an opportunity for our IB Year 1 students to present their progress and future plans at the midway point of this 2-year research project.  The boys have chosen their own research question based on a topic they are passionate about.  Using knowledge applied from their one of their IB subjects, critical thinking and research skills, they have embarked on a journey to attempt to answer that question. The end product is a 4000 word extended essay, integral to their success in the IB Diploma Program.

Your presence at this event will be highly motivating for the boys and much appreciated.  Please register using the QR Code.

IB Admission Tests for 2020-21

Please be informed that due to the recent announcement that schools will continue to be suspended, we will be conducting the G10 and G11 IB Admissions Tests online.  Date and time will remain the same.  Full details will be posted shortly.

IB Application for 2020-21

Applicants may fill in the online application form starting 8 February 2020 through our school website.

Application deadline: 8 March 2020 by 17:00

Date of written tests:
All candidates – 25 April 2020 (Saturday), 9:00am 

** Please note that the written tests date and time cannot be changed.

2020-21 IB Admission Information Session Screencast

DBS IB Admissions 2020 Screencast: Click here

Grade 10 Bridging Year Online Application Form: Click here

Grade 11 Diploma Programme Online Application Form: Click here

Subject Descriptions: Click here

Questions: Click here

FAQ: Click here


IB Exam Results 2019

Six of our students have achieved the full mark of 45 in the May 2019 IB exam. For more details of our results, please click here. Congratulation to the Class of 2019!

Top Scorers 2019
Left to right: Headmaster Mr. Ronnie Cheng, 12L Lucas Lau, 12G Geshi Yeung, 12L Allan Zhu, 12L Obile Wong, IB Coordinator Mr. Charles Wu. 12G Elkie Chan and 12G Jacky Chan also achieved the full mark of 45.


We Are An AFEC-Accredited Athlete-Friendly School

See how we support our student athletes: https://www.worldacademysport.com/afec/