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IB May 2017 Exam results

Congratulations to our boys, their marks are well deserved. To see results from previous years, click here.

2016 IB 1 Chiang Rai CAS Trip

Taking place between the 3rd and 10th of December, the DBS IB cohort of 2018, led by a collective effort of our IB teachers and local instructors, ventured across the heights of the Chiang Rai mountain, ranging to the depths of river Kok. Click here to see more.

Highlights of IB CAS trip 2016-2017 photos are available here.

IB Application for 2017-18

Distribution of Application Form

Applicants may obtain application form starting 11 February 2017 by

  1. coming in person to the school; or
  2. downloading the form from the school web site.
  3. 2017-18 IB Application Form

Application deadline: 3 March 2017 by 17:00
Date of written tests: All candidates – 12 March 2017 (Sunday), 9:30am at IB Building
** Please note that the written tests date and time cannot be changed.